Characteristics of the zamburiña


  • Common name: Zamburiña
  • Scientific name: Chlamys Varia
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: Galician
  • Residence: The Galician Rías Baixas


  • Height: 7 to 15 cm
  • Weight: 300 gr and 2 kg

Nutritional values

  • Energy (in kilocalories): 21 Kcal
  • Carbohydrates (in grams):8 g
  • Fat (in grams):9 g
  • Protein (in grams): 19 g
  • Vitamins: Vitamin A,B3,B9,B12,B6

History and presentation

I am Zamburiña, a bivalve mollusc, almost identical to the Scallop. My scientific name is Chlamys varia.

I live free and on the coasts attached to stones, rocks, remains of shells and large algae.

I like to live in depths of up to 100 metres.

Like other bivalves I feed on plankton as I am a filtering species that retains in its gills the particles that are suspended in the water.

I am similar to the Scallop, we differ in my more affordable price, and in that my taste is softer, and less intense.

Well, I am smaller and more reddish in colour.

My shell is solid and the contour is oval, except in the area of the ears.

As much as the Scallop says, I also boast of being in the best positions in culinary competitions. And my shells have also been characteristic of the Way of Saint James.

Buy Zamburiña

The zamburiña is one of the tastiest seafoods we can find today. Many chefs from all over the planet agree that it gives excellent flavours to meals.

For those who like the art of cooking, the zamburiña is a great option to buy online. It is low in calories and can be cooked in many different ways. Among them you can accompany it with mushrooms or gratin in the oven.

The main characteristics of this Galician seafood is that it feeds on plankton, which gives it an excellent flavour. Therefore, if you are looking for new flavours, this seafood is a great option to order at home.

A relevant characteristic of this seafood is that it is fished in the Northwest Atlantic. Therefore, different countries such as Spain, England and France have this product at an international level.

In case you like exotic seafood, you should definitely try the zamburiña. It has been highlighted by cooking experts and has excellent properties that can be combined with any meal.

Another of the properties of this seafood is that it is totally rich in vitamins and minerals. In this way, we can say that it is a totally healthy food that can accompany any type of meal.

What kind of Zamburiña to buy?

When we talk about Zamburiña, there is one type. When buying online, we must take this into account to choose the one that suits what we want to cook. There are a lot of different dishes that can be made with this seafood.

This seafood is similar to the scallop, however, it has a totally different taste. Besides, some characteristics of its shell also present some modifications in relation to the scallop.

As for the Zamburiña, there is only one type known as French. We find different ways to call it, in English as queen scallop or in French as vanneau. Although they have different names, they are the same seafood.

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