Characteristics of Scallop

Characteristics of Scallop

  • Scallop
  • Common name: Scallop
  • Scientific name: Pecten maximus
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: Galician
  • Current residence: The Galician Rías Baixas


  • Height: 10cm and 15 cm
  • Weight: Between 100gr and 700gr

Nutritional values

  • Energy (in kilocalories): 69 Kcal
  • Carbohydrates (in grams):2 g
  • Fat (in grams):9 g
  • Protein (in grams): 15 g
  • Vitamins: Vitamin A, B3, B9, B12

History and presentation

Hello, I am the real Galician scallop. Also called Pecten maximus.

I am a bivalve mollusc from the clam and oyster family.

I’m a little jewel of the Galician estuaries.

I like to live near the coast on sandy bottoms up to 100m.

I feed on phytoplankton and particles that I filter through my gills.

I am a hermaphrodite animal.

When you eat scallops, what you eat is the abductor muscle, which is the white central part and the gonads, which are orange, whose whitish base is the male gland, and the red part, the female gland.

I taste delicious and am an excellent source of protein, vitamins and trace elements.

I differ from other oysters, in my reddish colour, in that my upper shell is practically flat and because the two shells do not fit together perfectly.

I presume to be a symbol of the pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago. In the past, pilgrims took it to their places of origin as proof that they had reached the end of their journey.

I am so famous in the rias that different cultures throughout time identify me with good luck, birth, and regeneration.

I even relate to the goddess Venus.

Buy Scallop

The scallop is a mollusc similar to oysters. It has excellent properties due to the type of area in which it is caught. In the Galician tradition, this type of seafood has a great presence.

When buying this seafood online so that it can be delivered to your home, you should know the main characteristics. Among them, its excellent nutritional value stands out, as well as the vitamins and minerals it provides when eaten.

There are different possibilities to prepare excellent dishes with scallops. Among them we can highlight the marinated salads, as well as the emulsions with this seafood. It can also be eaten roasted.

Without a doubt, this seafood, which is found in the north-western area of the Atlantic Ocean, is a great option when it comes to expanding your palate. Many people in recent years have decided to buy this type of product to prepare various recipes.

The best chefs in Spain prepare all kinds of meals with scallops. With this, you will be able to prepare very tasty dishes, thanks to the excellent flavour that this Galician seafood provides.

Many restaurants in our country choose to buy this seafood online so that it can be delivered to your home. Once you try this seafood, you will not be able to stop including it in many of your meals.

What kind of scallop to buy?

When you decide to buy scallops, you should know that there is a type of this seafood. As we have mentioned before, it is born in the northwest area of the Atlantic Ocean, that is, in the North of Spain and France.

This product is called the pilgrim’s shell. This is because the pilgrims who went to Santiago de Compostela in the Middle Ages used it as a symbol of their arrival and even used it to drink water.

This type of scallop is known by different names. In English, it is called the Great Mediterranean Scallop and in French, it is called the Coquille St-Jacques Méditerranéen.

Although this product also grows on the British and French coast, this Galician seafood is different because of its taste. It also has some differences such as the purplish colour it has on the outside.

In case you find the need to buy scallops online, you can do it here. We can even send it to your home for your convenience. It is a great advantage if you need to start using this seafood in your meals.

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