Pazo Señorans


Name: Pazo Señorans

Harvest: 2019

Type of wine: Young white

Designation of Origin: D. O. Rías Baixas

Production: approx. 300.000 bottles

Grape variety: 100% albariño

Type of driving: vine

Location of the vineyard: Salnés Valley

Type of harvest: manual in plastic boxes

Harvest date: mid-September

Processing: stainless steel

Maceration: film (in press)

Alcoholic fermentation: controlled at 16º.

Ageing on lees: minimum 5 months

Bottling: several during the year

Time in bottle: minimum 4 months

Optimal period: 1-3 years of consumption

Alcoholic strength: 13.5% vol.

Residual sugar: <2 g/l

Total acidity: 6.4 g/l

PH: 3.2

Tasting notes

Bright straw yellow with greenish reflections. High intensity and marked varietal character. Gentle on the palate, without edges, with a well-defined volume up to the retronasal.


Pazo Señorans, the albariño with all the letters

The ability to withstand the passage of time is one of the bases for considering a world class wine. Great wines not only treasure excellent raw material from exceptional estates, they also demonstrate that they are capable not only of handling the passage of time in the bottle well, but also of taking advantage of that time to grow larger, more complex and acquire nuances.

This faith in the fact that the Albariño, the great lady of Rías Baixas, is capable of producing wines on a par with any extraordinary wine in the world, is what has driven, and continues to drive, the work at Pazo de Señorans, a winery founded in the 80s and a pioneer, when nobody in the region was betting on it, in believing that the variety had sufficient potential for long ageing.

The quality of the wines has been and is the objective of this winery. Located in a beautiful 16th century Pazo, which its founders, Marisol Bueno and Javier Mareque, bought at the end of the 1970s. An acquisition that would change their lives forever, leading them to become one of the most respected wineries, with an avant-garde vision that has ended up settling in Rías Baixas: now, more than thirty years later, to consider that Albariño wines have sufficient potential to overcome the passage of time is no longer a madness, it is a fact


Albariño is the centre

The belief that the Albariño is one of the most noble castes among the Spanish whites leads the work in Pazo de Señorans. It is a variety with a very defined aroma, low pH and wonderful acidity. In the winery it is treated in a personalized way, harvesting by hand, in small plastic boxes and fermenting in stainless steel tanks. But the really differentiating step is the long ageing in those tanks and the contact with lees, which can be extended in the Selección de Añada wine for more than 30 months, and a rounding phase in the bottle that makes the wines show a superior structure and quality.

There are many wine enthusiasts who already know that having a bottle of one of the albariños from Pazo de Señorans in their hands is synonymous with quality in the production and storage capacity, not only of the wines with more ageing in the vats, but also the youngest in the range, whose life span can be up to five years, something that was unthinkable until this winery entered the wine industry. And like the amateurs, there are also many professionals and critics who have praised this step forward in the vision of a variety found in Rías Baixas and the Salnés Valley, where the winery is located. The soil and climate are perfect for developing all its personality and qualities.


The wines of Pazo de Señorans, the faces of Albariño

The whites from Pazo de Señorans are the most obvious proof of the Albariño quality as a raw material for wines for aging. It was the launch of its first Vintage Selection, from the 1995 harvest, which opened up a path of no return towards another way of interpreting the Albariño. A wine that at first was misunderstood but that found its place among the great whites that have been made in the country.

In 2015, Pazo de Señorans innovated once again with the launch of the new Pazo Señorans Colección, a wine that once again demonstrates how the Albariño, which has been produced well for many years, is also gaining in expression and quality.