Characteristics of oysters


  • Common name: Spider Crab
  • Scientific name: Maja Squinado
  • Gender: Male
  • Origin: Galician
  • Current residence: The Galician Rías Baixas
  • Occupation: King of the Galician Rías Baixas
  • Family relations: Nothing official, but he is the King.
  • Other relations friendship: GluGlú el Surfero is his friend since he was a child


  • Height: Between 12 and 20 cm
  • Weight: Between 500 and 4 kg
  • Objects that accompany the character: The Royal Crown.

Nutritional values

  • Energy (in kilocalories): 127 Kcal
  • Fats (in grams):2 g
  • Protein (in grams):1 g
  • Vitamins: Vitamin A, B3, B9, B12, E
  • Minerals: Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Sodium, Potassium

History and presentation

My name is Coco, I am the Coco King.

I am the King of the Galician Rías Baixas. Although my real name is Maja Squinado.

My family has reigned in these estuaries for generation after generation, feeding on starfish, seaweed, molluscs, sea urchins and the delicacies of kings like us.

We are oysters. We like to live at depths of up to 100 metres. We are solitary, that is why today there is no spider crab to accompany me.

Although our bodies are not as big as our spider crabs, we are thicker and more rounded.

It is said that the females of our species are more highly valued as they have more meat inside them, but the intensity and flavour of the male spider crab’s meat makes it a real royal treat. Without underestimating our wonderful spider crabs, of course.

I am an excellent source of protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are very beneficial in reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. Rich in minerals, I have been attributed with aphrodisiac properties.

In terms of vitamins, oysters are known for their contribution of niacin, vitamin B6 and vitamin E.

As everyone now knows who I am, it is an honour for me to introduce myself this year, as leader of the Rías Bajas team to win the Festival of Sea Flavours.

Our Lobster the Surfer GluGlú has been studying for months the rest of the seafood that will compete in the Festival of Flavors of the Sea, he has just arrived, accompanied by the Prawns Inspectors of the Royal Guard, since the seafood of Japan wanted to play dirty in the tournament.

And moreover, as unity is strength, we will show that the seafood and the flavours of our Galician estuary are unrivalled.

The king has spoken.

Buy Oysters Online

Oysters are a type of bivalve mollusc that have a good amount of flesh inside their shell. It is always a good option to be bought online to be taken home.

This type of seafood grows on the Galician coast at a depth of 80 metres. Oysters are a tradition in Galician food. You can prepare a lot of delicious dishes with them.

Many people use them as an accompaniment and others use them to make main dishes. In the best restaurants in the area of Galicia, we can find delicious dishes prepared by the best chefs.

When buying this seafood, it is also important to know its nutritional value. This seafood is low in calories, with a high contribution of minerals (especially calcium) and also vitamins of all kinds.

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Without a doubt, freshness is one of the most important points to take into account when buying. The fresher a seafood is, the more it will taste. This is because they are kept in optimum condition for the public.

What kind of Oysters to buy?

Within the oysters, we can find different types. These do not only grow in the North of Spain. They can also be found in the United Kingdom and even on the French coast.

With this seafood, we can also talk about those that are flat and concave in shape. The former are usually smaller in size and are very common on the coasts of Europe.

On the other hand, concave oysters inhabit the Portuguese area and the island of Japan, for example. Some species are also found in Mexico, the American type. These are usually larger than the flat ones.

As for the Galician oyster, we can say that it is one of the tastiest. As we know, the Galician coast has a great fauna and an excellent level of fishing.

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