The Galician Seafood Paradise

The Festival of Flavours begins with a real taste of the sea…!

Its aroma, its climate, its courtesy, was pleasant, cordial, it was fun… And the legend says that there was an estuary of the estuaries, a place with an authentic sea flavour, some beaches, a landscape that was a world apart… And there, in that land hidden in a corner, were the best seafood immersed in a festival of flavours, and the enigma was precisely why this estuary was so rich and why its seafood lived with such joy…

It’s Galicia… It’s the estuary of the rias…. It is the Ría de Arousa… It is O Grove… I invite you to discover the “Seafood Paradise…”

I introduce myself, I’m Coco, the Spider Crab, the King of the Galician Rías Baixas, although my real name is Maja Squinado, I didn’t have to change it.

My family has reigned in these estuaries for generation after generation, feeding on starfish, seaweed, molluscs, sea urchins and other delicacies typical of these parts. No wonder we are so rich and so loved.

We live at the bottom of the sea up to 100 metres deep, and we are very solitary, which is why there are no spider crabs today.

Bad tongues say that spider crabs are more valued because they are plump and tasty, although in reality the intensity and flavour of the male spider crab makes it a real delicacy. Without underestimating our tasty spider crabs, of course!

Oh, by the way, we are an excellent source of protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, very beneficial for reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. We are rich in minerals, vitamins and we are even attributed with aphrodisiac properties… Don’t tell me it doesn’t look good…!!

Well, if you are the King of the Galician Rías Baixas… I am the Queen of the Festivities!

Hello Dear Friends…!! I am Miss Bonbon, although my friends and acquaintances call me Pollicipes Pollicipes. What a mess…!!

I am a crustacean similar to mussels. I live hooked to the rocks, because rocks hook, and there we grow up forming very cool colonies, because although there are many Percebes around the planet, none like those in the Galician Estuary.

We are formed by a stalk and a nail. The peduncle is the edible part, formed by a fleshy part with a skin covered by scales, at the top of which are several pieces that form the barnacle’s claw.

We are the authentic Galician delicatessen that brings to the palate an intense taste of the sea, with low fat and cholesterol content, of course, and above all zero carbohydrates, how I grind, that is, the perfect recipe in any diet.

Come on, here comes Lanterns, the most coquettish of all the Galician estuaries, or as scientists say in their jargon, Nécora Puber, which is not pubescent …

I am a brachial crustacean, which means that I have a flat or abdominal abdomen developed as if I were a gymnastics fanatic.

I live near the coast, but between the rocks, stones and cracks, so as not to be discovered, although I can actually live up to 70 meters from the bottom of the sea. Just to be on the safe side…

Algae and dead fish are my main food and sustenance, well, I also take advantage of other smaller animals.

That’s why my meat is fine, exquisite and super tasty, though in different textures and flavours, from my legs to the intensity of the taste inside.

I’m a very high-protein food with a high biological value, as well as providing Omega 3 fatty acids, as you can see! As for vitamins, I can help you with antioxidants and other extravagant things that delay cellular aging and prevent the appearance of cancer, you can’t complain!

Cordial greetings, allow me to introduce myself, I’m Barbotas el Gafotas and I’m in charge of King Coco’s tricks and other Manicheans. If I tell you a little secret, he’s crazy and he’s a mafioso.
My scientific name is Nephrops Norvegicus, because we are mainly nocturnal bugs. We live at depths of 6 to 700 metres and feed mainly on marine invertebrates.

Oh, and you know that we Nephrops are crustaceans that don’t stay out of the water very long. However, we are an exquisite gastronomic product, rich and with a vice, with an exceptional flavour that is increasingly valued by the staff, which is why in restaurants all over the world we are already the protagonists of the most glamorous menus.

And, to tell the truth, with such a nutritional content, mainly proteins and minerals difficult to find in other foods of animal origin, it is not surprising.

Well, here I am, ladies and gentlemen…! My name is El Papalotes, from the Malotes family, but I am the nicest Razor in the whole Ria.

I am a mollusk that lives in the sea bed buried in the sand. Specifically in some deep vertical holes that I dug to put myself in safekeeping. But if you look for me in scientific books, they call me the Ensis Arcuatus, although I must admit that the kite is more like me. By the way, I feed on plankton, which I incorporate into my body through my gills.

I have to admit that my meat is very appreciated, and super desirable. Because of my low fat and calorie content, my consumption is especially recommended for a healthy and balanced diet. And if you try me on the grill, you’ll be hooked!

I also provide essential fatty acids that will help you reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. I am rich in iodine, which is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, which helps growth, mental agility and strengthens nails, teeth and hair.

And although I’m not as popular as they are, I have to say that my taste and texture is very similar to that of clams, the fine clam that the Japanese clam tastes like a tonic. Just kidding!

Hello, hello, hello perindola, I’m here, I’m GluGlú el Surfero, and I’m the most talkative guy in the whole ocean.

I’m a Blue Lobster and I presume to be the biggest crustacean, and not because I say so, but because scientists say so, and there are even some very smart ones. But let’s not trust that they are the same ones who insist on calling me Homarus Gammarus.

What is true is that I am one of the most exquisite morsels offered by the sea, both cooked, grilled and the rice with lobster is amazing. The texture of my compact, firm and shiny flesh contrasts with the delicacy and rich perfume it gives off, which is characterised by whitish tones with fragile red threads that make me a culinary delight and a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Ah, that I am also a source of Omega3, rich in vitamin A, B12 and vitamin B3. How do you see it?

Pues yo soy el Pulpo Pulparindo, el más guapo y el más lindo, aunque hay algunos especímenes que me dicen Octopus Vulgaris, que como decía mi abuela tales para cuáles.

Soy uno de los seres marítimos con mayor inteligencia, ciencia y paciencia.  Cefalópodo de tres corazones y ocho patas por lo menos, sordos de nacimiento y muy ricos por dentro. Mi carne es muy valorada en la gastronomía española y el resto del mundo, porque a quién no le suena un buen «Pulpo a Feira» o a la gallega.

Cooking me is an art, that’s why not everyone can boast of knowing the exact point to prepare and taste me.

Well cooked I have a characteristic texture and smell, however, my taste is mainly influenced by the ingredients used along with the cooking method, although there are countries where all these cooking protocols are skipped in order to experience the sweet and tasty taste of my raw meat, which is a tenderness.

I also wanted to tell you that I am a rich source of protein, low in fat and contain different vitamins and minerals.

Voilà my friends, I’m the King’s chef better known as the Cocinillas, although outside the estuary I’m known as Palaemon Serratus. You can ask around about my taste, and you’ll see how delicious I am…

Now, I’m not going to deceive you, I don’t have infinite nutritional properties like the other seafood from the estuary, I’m just an exquisite dish that has as a strong point the vitamin B12 that helps to assimilate the folic acid, that is to say, I’m not even painted for pregnant women.

Shrimp from La Ría have many imitators and other fraudsters, but don’t be fooled, because there is no one who can match the delicacy we provide for the palate.

I live in temperate, tropical and cold regions. In rocky and sandy areas, with an abundance of algae, that’s why nothing compares to the Rias Baixas… they’re a blast!

And, to finish, we can only say that we are an authentic Festival of Flavours with a sea aroma… You are not going to try us…!!