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Los Mejores Mariscos Gallegos

Te llevamos el marisco tan fresco que llega vivo

Spider Crab of the Ria

The Centollo de la Ría is the real king of seafood and a real delicacy. In addition to its characteristic and peculiar sea flavour, the spider crab is a source of protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids and is rich in minerals and vitamins B6 and E, with a low fat and hydrate content. It is even said to have aphrodisiac properties.

40.00 Kg.


The Blue Lobster is a world apart, without a doubt one of the great ones, and whatever shape it comes in, it’s out… It’s the largest decapod crustacean, with a compact, firm and shiny texture that contrasts with the delicacy and perfume that its flesh gives off. It is very rich in Omega 3, phosphorus, selenium, iodine, etc.

60.00 Kg.


The Octopus, one of the most intelligent sea creatures. Octopus Vulgaris, a three-hearted, eight-legged cephalopod, has one of the most valued meats in Spanish gastronomy and I almost dare to say that it is recognized worldwide by the Octopus a Feira or Gallego or even a la Brasa. And it is a pure source of protein…

Galician Knife

Razors are a mollusc that lives buried in vertical holes at the bottom of the sand. It feeds on plankton which is the special feature that makes its meat so highly prized. It is highly recommended for a healthy and balanced diet due to its low fat and caloric content and its contribution of essential fatty acids.

25.00 Kg.

Galician Seafood, a Festival of Flavours...

The Galician Seafood®, the real protagonist of the Galician coasts are disputed for the first time, in a duel of flavors, smells and aromas of authentic sea taste or even beyond 🔜 to see who reigns in the Galician estuaries, which will leave you perplexed. 🤔🧐😜

King Coco, a very tasty spider crab 🦀, is who presents the Festival of Sea Flavors, a tasting of the best Galician seafood seasoned with the craftsmanship of an exquisite cuisine that will bring a smile to your face like Aunt Luisa.

Then there’s the Papalotes, the nicest Razor of the Rias Baixas, who will be in charge of the show of the evening and will delight us with a pinch of olive oil, a little bit of parsley, salt as if it were for a wedding and lemon in abundance. You can’t imagine arrogance…! Careful it hooks…😎

But for Show, Miss Bonbon, the Queen of the parties, a very betting Barnacle, who already thinks about the great party and being the queen of the festival with that taste of the sea that characterizes her and makes her so special.💃

And now comes the Cocinillas, a Shrimp 🦐 magazine that goes as an artist, and his kitchen assistant, Faroles el Iluminado, a Nécora who has everything under control, which will give a peculiar flavor to their dishes, especially the Galician seafood salpicón, pure show of good, and that will be the next gastronomic boom of the seafood from the estuary … And do not laugh, you’ll see how you will be the envy of your neighbours …!! 🤩🥰😍😉

Come on, Pulparindo… He’s our octopus at 🐙 with more science, awareness and presence, but since he’s a smart guy he’ll make our aperitifs, after-dinner meals and even our naps more enjoyable, because a good grilled octopus is a winner wherever it goes.

And finally GluGlú el Surfero, the most talkative Lobster 🦞, who surfs with his surfboard 🏄 to give salt to a tender, delicious and succulent rice that will leave you speechless.

By the way, don’t forget to try a good steamed mussel with lemon, because it leaves a tasty taste with a touch of… Well, I’ll tell you later!  If I don’t regret it…

Or a delicious Zamburiña empanada that just by looking at it you can hallucinate, or your close friends, the Baked Scallops, that just thinking about it makes me excited, not to mention horny…🤭

As for the prawns, I recommend them grilled, or even with garlic, like the prawn… Although they are soaked or cooked, which is the same thing…

Now yes, if it is a gala dinner, you can’t miss the Norway lobsters… You have to try them! They’re so fucking hot…

And for the most romantic, 🥰 those that raise passions and other emotions besides love stories are the Oysters, that the meigas and other evil and prodigious minds say, that there are hailas and that they can even be dangerous, that they are aphrodisiacs, and your passions rise immediately, so as you dare to try them, get ready for the battle…

And to finish this great evening we cannot leave without offering you a good Albariño wine, from here in the land, an explosive mixture of fruit with fine herbs, shades of sea mixed with the perfume of seafood, and it sounds like I’m not even telling you, but it will leave you fine and requetefino,🥳 that has a job… Warning…! 😎

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